Welcome to my website dear visitor, it’s good of you to call by. Should you have any queries in regard to my  term 

two classes  or workshop at the Fremantle Arts Centre for 2019, please drop me a line.  Always happy to hear from

 someone out there in the ether.

The Nuts & Bolts of Writing a Novelon  Wednesday evenings 6p.m.-9p.m.  runs from the 14th August until 18th September. 

 Cost: $301/ $270.90 members. 

In the class I'll be covering Character, Plot and Setting, as well as Dialogue, Structure and Point of View and a 

great deal more.

These classes are suitable for writers who are already working on a short story or novel or with a project in mind. 

The classes are highly informative and loads of fun!

  Writing a Short Story:  on Saturdays for six weeks  10a.m. -1p.m. 17th  August  until the 11th September  2019

  Different aspects of creating a short story will be examined. Such as writing a strong opening sentence to 

submitting stories into competitions.  Participants will be encouraged to write short stories in the classes.    

  Cost: $301 / $270.90 members. If you'd like to book your place  phone the FAC  on (08) 9432 9555 or go online fac. org.au.

All-day workshop Creative Writing for Beginners on Saturday 10th August  10a.m. -4p.m. 

Cost $110 non-members/ $99 members. 


  If you'd like to book for either one of the classes or the all-day workshop, please either go online fac.org.au or phone the Fremantle Arts Centre (08) 9432 9555   



 Please feel free to contact me with any queries: marlish@westnet.com.au       It'd be good to hear from you.